Brief Excerpts from References

Complete, non-anonymous references will be made available on request.  It is inappropriate for me to post them except in portions and, at this point, anonymously.  Here are a few small excerpts from a few:


“The repertoire of Bill’s skills is expansive enough to do anything from major overhaul and structuring of a document down to minor tweaking to make it perfect. His editorial skills with numbers and words are strikingly robust, easily enough to handle any task and to make the process and product of the assignment a success.”


“In my previous position as head of U.S. Training and Consulting  [blanked out for anonymity],  I asked Bill to provide some consulting and editorial work-for-hire.  Bill’s work shocked our instructional designers and marketing personnel. They had never received a more comprehensive and thorough critique of their work. Bill’s ability to slice out the superfluous and vague was impressive. Just as helpful was his ability to provide a teachable moment by suggesting replacements for paragraphs and sentences. And he did this in a gentle and instructive way.”


“He is conscientious about deadlines and amicable in his style of providing scholarly input, and I highly recommend him to other authors, regardless of the subject. He is well read and has a broad experience in writing himself.”


“….Your most crucial task on this project for me was making sense of complex socio-economic data and translating it for a layman….and you produced accurate, detailed, and very readable brochures. I was able to utilize these works in my consultations with state legislators, members of the Chamber of Commerce, and within the Connecticut Community-Technical College’s management system.”


“He has a clarity with the written word and can make difficult statistical analyses understandable to the non-research proficient professional. There is always tension when doing reports and analyses between having the study be meaningful and understandable to the intended audience while at the same time trying to impress one’s colleagues with the dazzling and almost mesmerizing brilliance of the particular work at hand. Bill has always been on the side of having the work be meaningful to the purpose of the employing institution or agency and not at trying to improve his status in the pecking order of his colleagues. That is a rare quality and one that makes him especially valued for anyone looking for a high quality professional who will put your needs and interests first and foremost, and do it in a timely way.”


“If your paper involves quantitative information, he can put it in a format that will be understandable, and even entertaining to, the reader.  Not too many editors out there can handle words and numbers with equal grace.”