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Freelance Book Editor & Writer
About Bill Welsh

This is just a little more detail for those who like a little more detail, and feel that it adds to credibility. There is a bit of overlap with the home page. If detail is not what you want, you can skip this.

My resume shows a part of my experience as an editor. I have more than a dozen publications in refereed journals, in excess of fifty conference presentations, and hundreds of technical reports. Additionally, I have edited hundreds of papers for colleagues over the years. Finally, I have written many parts of dozens of grant proposals, and edited even more of these. I have even written some fiction, but have done so recreationally, the way some people paint, draw, or build; it is for fun, and I have not gotten into the publishing scramble in this area. Decades of reading, writing, and editing have given me a high level of editorial skills.

Though it is tedious for many, editing is not ‘drudgery’ to me at all; I get genuine pleasure from seeing a document written as well as it possibly can be.

I will ensure precision in wording and freedom from errors. I am very particular about my work, and take a great deal of pride in the quality of my performance. You will not find that everywhere, believe me. I have a Doctorate in Education, and have worked in school districts, community colleges, and universities. I have more than thirty years’ experience as an accomplished researcher, writer and editor of both my own papers and those of scores of colleagues. I think you will find me agreeable and friendly, but not at all shy about editing thoroughly and in a straightforward manner.

From a technical perspective, I can work with documents in Microsoft Word and Pages, the word processor used by MacIntosh.

A few brief excerpts of reviews of my work are shown elsewhere on this site.  If you’re interested so far, I encourage you to examine them.

I suppose this section should at least make mention of a few personal interests: I am a lifelong reader (I will read virtually anything a friend or colleague gives me (from Thomas Hobbes to Calvin and Hobbes), Sartre (honest), Bruce Catton, Dostoyevsky, Stephen Wright, Gandhi, Kierkegaard, Mark Twain, Henry Commager, John Dewey, Gary Larson, the Dalai Lama,…anything (well, I draw the line at Plato). I am also a writer (in my discipline and also fiction). I am interested in various types of fitness torture, and also enjoy racquetball, tennis, and golf.

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